We provide individually themed luxury hotel rooms & kitty spa for your best feline friends with daily brushing, play, affection, and enrichment activities throughout the day.


Why Keep Your Cat With Us?

Traveling  • Working  • Renovating •  Relocating •  Pregnancy •  Emergency •  Tragedy

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So Many Reasons

There are many reasons in life why you may want or need to bring your cat to stay with us - and who knows, there may be a reason that you never see coming. But that's why we're here, 365 days a year. And if you don't have a reason, consider that maybe kitty just needs a vacation from you.  After all, fun is our singular, undying goal here! 



The Happy Cat Hotel in Austin North, Texas, is not "cat boarding," but rather a full-service cat care experience!


The Happy Cat Hotel in Austin North, Texas, is not “cat boarding,” but rather a full-service cat care experience featuring individually themed premium hotel rooms, full-day enrichment activities, a variety of thoughtful amenities, full-service grooming, and a catastic gift shop!

But don’t take our word for it…see what cat enthusiasts just like you are saying about The Happy Cat Hotel & Spa in Austin North!


Hotel Facilities

The Happy Cat Hotel in Austin North, Texas is a custom-built, cat-only boarding oasis, designed to appease the most finicky of felines.

Hotel Amenities

Our rooms and common areas feature wonderful amenities for guests. Just a few select amenities available include open area playtime, daytime lounge areas and sun beds, wall climbing systems, hammocks and couches, toys and games, TVs, and a lot more!



First time coming to The Happy Cat Hotel in Austin North, Texas? Come on down for a tour before your cat’s stay!


Reservations can be made online as a first-time guest, by logging in, or by calling (512) 400-0603.

Click below to book a reservation or to create an account where you can manage your reservations and feline profile at any time!

Amenities & Services

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Along with our individually themed rooms (Don't worry, your cats can stay together!), The Happy Cat Hotel in Austin North, Texas, is a custom-built, cat-only boarding oasis. Designed to appease the most finicky of felines, our staff can take care of your cat's special needs with a variety of additional services available. Don't worry — daily brushing, playing, and affection by our professional staff is always included!

The Happy Cat Hotel also features a full cat day spa! Book an appointment with or without a room reservation today!

Need something you don't see here? Just ask! Our cats have quirky needs too!

Themed Rooms

We provide individually themed, private suites between 280 and 512cf.

Room Comfort

Couches, hammocks, beds, and pillows — perched or hidden!

Water Fountains

Designed to encourage unlimited consumption — but so tranquil!

Veterinarian Advisory Board

Ensures we develop the healthiest and safest policies.

Medication Administration

Added with thorough consultation

Private, 24-Hour Webcam Access

Easily added!

Daily Updates

Always included!

Enrichment Activities With Our Kitty Concierge

Initial session included!

Medications & Special Services

Our trained staff can support most healthcare needs of your cat. Contact us if you have any questions!




Named "World's Greatest"!

We‘re offering our full-spectrum, customer-cat experience 365 days a year, and that’s just one of the reasons we‘ve been named "World’s Greatest"!

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