Individually themed luxury hotel rooms & kitty spa for your best feline friends with daily brushing, play, affection and enrichment activities throughout the day.


The Happy Cat Hotel in Windsor, Connecticut is not “cat boarding” but a full service cat care experience featuring individually themed premium hotel rooms, full day enrichment activities, a variety of thoughtful amenities, full service grooming, and a catastic gift shop!

But don’t take our word for it…see what cat enthusiasts just like you are saying about The Happy Cat Hotel & Spa!

Hotel Facilities

Open area playtime

Daytime lounge areas and sun beds

Wall climbing systems

Hammocks & Couches

Toys & Games


Running Wheel

and a lot more!


First time coming to the Happy Cat Hotel in Windsor, CT? Come on down for a tour before your cat’s stay!

Reservations can be made online as a first time guest, by login, or by calling 844-422-8386 x 0 during front desk hours.

Click below to book a reservation or to create an account where you can manage your reservations and Feline Profile any time!

We’re here to care for our feline guests 365 days a year.

The Happy Cat Spa

We specialize in cat grooming!


Shedding, Matting, Hairballs, Allergies, and makes kitty feel GREAT!

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