Cat Hotel Amenities & Services in Windsor


The Happy Cat Hotel is a custom-built cat only boarding oasis, designed to appease the most finicky of felines. Our “engineered-for-feline” amenities and professional, attentive staff work together to make sure your cat’s visit is unforgettable.

Our hotel is staffed for our feline guests 365 days a year, but our front desk is available for your calls 9a to 1p and again 3p - 5p, 7 days/week. Call or email us for a tour!

We book months in advance, so ensure you make your reservations as soon as you can!

  • Themed Rooms

    Each room is an individually themed, private suite between 270 and 500 cubic feet.

  • Enrichment

    Each room has different enrichment features: wall climbing systems, climbing trees, room-to-room windows, toys and/or TV monitors.

  • Room Comfort

    Couches, hammocks, beds, & pillows, (perched or hidden of course).

  • Room Service

    Order from the kitchen or have your cat's meals prepped just like home. 

  • Webcam Monitoring

    Cats can be fun to watch, (YouTube agrees) and our live webcam monitoring option allows you to see what your best friend is up to 24hrs / day. 

  • Water Fountains

    Designed to encourage unlimited consumption - but so tranquil as well! 

  • Veterinarian Advisory Board

    Our advisory board helps us develop the healthiest and safest policies possible. 

  • Special Needs Services

    Our staff is trained to administer medications as necessary. 

Ammenities & Services

Along with our individually themed rooms The Happy Cat Hotel in Windsor, Connecticut can take care of your cat’s special needs with a variety of additional services. Don’t worry, daily brushing, playing, and affection by our professional staff is always included!

The Happy Cat Hotel also features a full cat day spa! Book an appointment with or without a room reservation today!

Need something you don't see here? Just ask! Our cat's have quirky needs too!

Happy Cat Hotel Brand Pine Pellet Litter

Always included!

Daily Text Messaging

Always included!

Enrichment activities with our Kitty Concierge

Initial session included!

Private, 24-hour webcam access

Easily added!

Premium all-natural litter (World's Best Corn Base)

Easily added!

Premium Dry Food

Easily added!

Premium Canned Food

Easily added!

Happy Cat Treats (6 oz bag)

Easily added!

Medications & Special Needs Services


$3 per application

(can be combined)


$5 per application

(can be combined)


$3 per application

(can be combined)

Subcutaneous Fluids

$20 per session