Why Cats Need Playtime | Happy Cat Hotel

Cats are known for being laid-back and low maintenance in comparison to dogs, birds, and other indoor pets. But did you know that play is as vital for cats as it is for the average Border Collie?

Here are some reasons why playtime is vital for keeping cats healthy and happy—and why it’s a part of our everyday routine at Happy Cats Hotel franchises.

Play Is Exercise

Indoor cats frequently have problems with being overweight and indolent. Play that involves a cat’s natural hunting instincts gets a cat up and moving, staving off obesity and the problems that come with it.

A laser pointer is effective with most cats and can lead to a cat having hours of fun. String-style toys are also good, as well as cardboard scratchers with moving parts.

Play Provides Social Stimulation

Lonely cats with little to no social stimulation are more likely to slink away from people and hide, as opposed to cats who get a lot of play and social interaction.

Loneliness also fosters boredom and depression. Studies have shown that even as few as 30 minutes of play a day can increase a cat’s quality of life exponentially. And as cats become happier, they tend to become more social.

Play Is Stress Relief

Ever seen a cat scratch the furniture? Spray urine everywhere? These are stress behaviors that a cat is utilizing to try and blow off some steam.

When a cat is bored, it could even manifest into aggressive behavior patterns. Playing with a cat gives the cat a constructive way to deal with stress and does a lot to curb destructive behaviors.

At Happy Cat Hotels, we prioritize playtime as part of our all-inclusive, cat-focused boarding. Ready to turn your passion for cats into a new career? Reach out to us today to get started!