Know Y(Our) Roots | Happy Cat Hotel

Like superheroes, all good businesses have origin stories.

Here’s ours:

Eleven years ago, back when Happy Cat Hotel wasn’t even a twinkle in their eyes, Chris and Meg Raimo opened a company called Home Sweet Home Pet Care, a house-call pet care service that provided services like dog walking and grooming.

While conducting their house-calls, they noticed one thing: the behavior of the cats they visited. Despite cats’ reputations for being aloof and independent, these cats were lonely.

“They might hide the first day we come in,” Christ said in an interview with, “but by the second and third day they were meeting us at the door. The cats were pining for affection. That’s when I started thinking about opening a cats–only hotel.”

They couldn’t shake the idea that they’d really come up with an idea that would change things for cats in their area. So, after finding a property, they set about building the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa in Windsor, Connecticut.

Immediately, their community and clients could see a difference. The cats thrived in their new, enriching environment. Instead of being crammed into cages or left to wander houses alone, the cats could enjoy individually themed hotel rooms, room service and their own “destination vacations.”

Paris! Rome! New York City! London! All of these places and more were just within a claw’s reach, and each open, spacious room is equipped with wall-climbing systems, soft beds, toys and even more amenities that are just plain fun. In the Japan-themed room, cats can even side up to their very own sushi bar before receiving their complimentary brushing.

A sense of fun is and has always been mandatory for operating a Happy Cat Hotel location As their staff grew, so did the reputation of their company. Happy Cat Hotel became synonymous with quality cat care and fun, but also with professionalism and a high level of empathy.

Happy Cat Hotel proved itself successful, growing consistently in renown, for eleven years. And now, we’re ready to grow even more.

We’re ready to expand across the tri-state area and New England—and help cat owners know that when they leave their cats at Happy Cat Hotel locations their cats are getting the quality of care only people absolutely obsessed with cat care can provide. We’re looking for franchisees who want a chance to grow their own business while making a difference for cats in their area.

That’s our story!

When will yours begin? Check out our franchising opportunities here!