Its a Celebration, Kittens!

Cat Hotel_006Today marks our 1 year anniversary here at The Happy Cat Hotel, where every cat can be a HAPPY CAT!  We can’t believe how time flies! Just 1 year ago today we were scrambling like ants to get the final preparations complete for our 6PM grand opening. Now, its just a nice quiet day full of fur, purrs, and… the smell of tuna?

We want to thank everyone who believed in the vision and helped get our project on wheels, from support in concept, to design and build, to spreading the word. We would not be here without you all.  A special thanks to Mom and Dad Raimo for all of their help and support, both emotionally and physically. Dr. Mascola thank you for your consultation throughout the process and beyond! Friends and family from hometown, friends from the Windsor Jaycees, friends from the Pet Care Professionals group, our wonderful staff (who are friends as well), and friends who just GET cats – thank you too!

A luxury hotel just for cats? In Windsor, CT of all places? Well if that’s not reason to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, we don’t know what is. Here’s a trip down memory lane and the HAPPY CAT journey that began in the Spring of 2014.


The Starting Line, May 28th, 2014


Long road ahead of us!
















New Floor, New Purpose…

HSH&HCH 12-21-14 216

The first of many doorways


HSH&HCH 12-21-14 233


HSH&HCH 12-21-14 292

…And more walls














HSH&HCH 12-21-14 289

Burning the midnight oil…

HSH&HCH 12-21-14 101

…Looks like Brady didn’t survive the all nighter!



HSH&HCH 12-21-14 336

Anyone have a dust buster?

HSH&HCH 12-21-14 343

That’s better


HSH&HCH 12-21-14 385


HSH&HCH 12-21-14 389

The winning logo

HSH&HCH 12-21-14 403

Artwork by Loren Raimo and Amy Weirs-Smith



HSH&HCH 12-21-14 439

Finish trim…

HSH&HCH 12-21-14 440

…And hardware, nearly there!


Final touches and punchlist!

HSH&HCH 12-21-14 461HSH&HCH 12-21-14 458

We did it…And not without a thumbs up from Doc!

We give you…The Happy Cat Hotel!

photo (1)


Egyptian cat room


Cat Hotel_054

Cattius Maximus

Cat Hotel_013

Paris for the Weekend


Kitty Kabana



Bonsai Kitty 3

Bonsai Kitty

Cat Hotel_057

Costa Rica Kitty


























Happy Cat Lounge


The Stowaway


Uncity Kitty


Green Line Feline

Cat Hotel_064

Tea Time Feline
































Our First Guests!

Gus and Salsa!

kabana3 kabana1




IMG_0442IMG_0518  IMG_0534HSH&HCH 12-21-14 234  HSH&HCH 12-21-14 335  HSH&HCH 12-21-14 379 HSH&HCH 12-21-14 385 HSH&HCH 12-21-14 386HSH&HCH 12-21-14 399 HSH&HCH 12-21-14 400 HSH&HCH 12-21-14 420 HSH&HCH 12-21-14 421 HSH&HCH 12-21-14 423 HSH&HCH 12-21-14 424