Spa Club

What is Spa Club?

Spa Club is a unique membership that rewards cats with the regular grooming required to keep their skin and coat clean and healthy while awarding cat parents with a 20% discount.

There is an annual $60 membership fee per cat, with no contract, and no cancellation fee.

Spa Club is simply a commitment to make and keep regular appointments of 8 weeks or less, depending on your cat's breed and coat recommendation. The adherence to this schedule keeps cats familiar with the process and our groomers, prevents coats from building excess grease, fur, and saliva, and makes grooms easier, quicker, and faster for groomers but most importantly, the cats.

Spa Club is guaranteed to limit shedding, hairballs, mats, scratching, and allergies. Sign your cat up today and enjoy a clean, healthy and comfortable cat year round!

Benefits of Spa Club


Clean Cats!

Regular bathing neutralizes the damaging effects of a cat's self bathing behavior.

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That's right. Cats DON'T clean themselves. 

Think about it. That is saliva they're spreading across their coat. How clean is that? For starters, there is more bacteria in their mouth in any given second than a human produces in 1 year. That saliva is sticky and bonds with dead fur and skin oils creating all the problems that we think they are solving on their own.  

Washing the saliva, litter dust, dead fur and excessive oils from the coat on a regular basis means no more shedding, hairballs, mats, or allergies. 


Better, Safer Grooms

Cats on a recurring schedule acclimate to the environment and soon realize how much they enjoy the experience!

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Cats Love Baths!

Yes we said it. If you don't believe us, check out some of our spa videos here.  The challenge of course is introducing them to the process in a safe and tender manner. Once they realize how good it feels, they simply love the experience. 

Recurring grooms helps this process along as we build more and more trust with each experience. This makes our grooms safer for the cat and our groomers. 


Guaranteed Availability

A la carte schedules are on a 2 month wait list. Spa Club ensures you a spot.

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Happy Cat grooms are the best. We know this because they are supervised by Certified Feline Master Groomers - a level of skill achieved by no more than 340 groomers in the entire world.

Its no secret that finding an open groom slot at a Happy Cat Hotel is difficult. Spa Club gets you on a regular schedule and guarantees your cat an appointment while everyone else waits weeks or even months. Remember, cats are like a car engine, if you have problems, its already too late. 

Sign Up & Book Appointment

No payment due until after your first groom!

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