Essential throughout Covid-19

Boarding facilities like Happy Cat Hotel & Spa are identified as essential businesses during crisis events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We support the pet care needs of first responders, health care professionals, and victims during such challenging times.


Yes we are. We are essential and are available to provide our full menu of services, with adjusted transaction protocols.

Boarding and other pet care related businesses are always viewed as essential because we provide care services to those on the front lines of any critical disaster. This may be first responders, medical professionals, infrastructure support personnel, the displaced, and victims. Thankfully, the state recognizes the importance of a pet care resource for those who might otherwise be without one during times of disaster.

We do. We have cats from one family who was traveling when the mandates were implemented, so they are sheltering where they are.

We also have guests who were scheduled to be with us long term anyway – a student traveling abroad, and a family undergoing a home renovation.

We have a full book of grooms each weekend.

Yes. Have you ever been cooped up in your house for a month with your dirty, shedding cat?

You can book online or call us @ 860-580-6691

This is easy for us. Cats are the social distance pros!

  • Our standard sensitization protocols are far beyond what has been recommended by the CDC.
  • We use hospital grade cleaners and disinfect regularly
  • Electronic CC payments
  • We implement minimal staffing schedules (there’s never more than 2 people in the building at once.

New measures include:

  • Curbside pickup & dropoff
  • One cat at a time grooming
  • Online gift shop
  • Enhanced disinfection frequency in common areas (front door knobs & lobby counter, etc.)
  • Online payments

We are operating with limited reception hours but are caring four our cat guests throughout the day and night.

Hotel Boarding & Reservation Center: We will reply remotely as needed.

  • Book online HERE
  • Call: 860-580-6691 x 0
  • Email:

Grooming Spa: (Special COVID-19 Hours) Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8:30AM – 2PM

  • Book online HERE
  • Call: 860-580-6691 x 1
  • Email grooming questions or appointments to:

Franchise Inquiries: We will reply remotely as needed.

  • Learn More @ HERE
  • Call: 844-422-8386 x 703
  • Email:

No. It is not true. Every animal based science and medical organization we work with to develop our health policies (AVMA, ISFM, USDA, CTAG, etc.)has confirmed the absence of risk when it comes to COVID-19 and cats/human transmission.  Here is a link to a recent communication we sent out regarding this question and concern with cited sources.  HERE 

The policy is the same as always with Happy Cat Hotels & Spas.  You’re room deposit is fully transferable to any future reservation or appointment. It will remain on your account as a credit.

There is no expiration date.

Thank you for asking!

  • Consider grooming as you normally would. We are safe in how we are taking client appointments.
  • You can purchase gift certificates at a discounted rate now for use in the future. Click HERE use the coupon code “spring20” and we’ll apply a 20% discount to your $50 or $100 gift certificate.
  • Shop our gift shop online HERE
  • Get back to traveling ASAP!
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