Custom built cat rooms by Happy Cat at Home. A division of Happy Cat Hotels & Spas

Every cat is a Happy Cat when they stay at one of the World's Greatest Happy Cat Hotels & Spas. Now they can enjoy the same luxuries when they're home with you!

What is a Happy Cat Room?

Our creative, luxury cat rooms are the talk of every town we visit. Its not just their warm, thematic designs but the fact they are specifically engineered exclusively for cats. We custom build each Happy Cat at Home room to feature spacious vertical climbs using durable materials and furnishings unique to your cat and space.

What is Happy Cat at Home?

Happy Cat Hotels & Spas design and build the the world's greatest cat hotels all across North America and now we're building them for you!

Happy Cat at Home is dedicated to transforming your spare bedroom, attic, or any other living space into the most amazing, enriching, and catastic environment you've ever seen.

How Does Happy Cat at Home Work?

  1. We'll come to your home for a free estimate. 

  2. Choose a design or collaborate with us to design you a custom space. 

  3. We'll source the materials and set a date for renovation. 

  4. We'll scrape what is there and start rebuilding your Happy Cat at Home room. 

  5. A few days later, your cat will have the most fun, enriching cat room on the block! 

Ready to have a truly Happy Cat?

Whatever space you wish to catify, our custom designs and Happy Cat renovation play book will make your cat room transformation quick, easy, and amazingly affordable!

Contact us for a free estimate and custom design unique to you and your cat.

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