Cat Grooming

The Happy Cat Hotel is proud to offer Professional Cat Grooming at our luxury day spa for cats! You’re welcome to schedule a grooming during your cat’s stay at our hotel or simply request a standalone kitty spa treatment during the day! For our full spa menu, rates, and to make an appointment, click “Spa Day” now!

Please click Health Evaluation if this is your cat’s FIRST TIME being groomed by us. If you have any questions, please contact The Happy Cat Spa directly HERE

Cat Grooming - Windsor, Connecticut

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Things to Know…

Cats being groomed at the Happy Cat Hotel are required to have current:

  • FVRCP vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Test results for FeLV & FIV. Positive Results will be reviewed by our board.
  • Vaccinations for FeLV & FIV are not required.

Bathing may be a prerequisite of any dematting, coat trim, or shave down service.

  • Grooming style is dependent upon cat’s age, health, temperament, and behavior and will be agreed upon between owner and executive groomer prior to groom.
  • Aggressive cats will not be shaved unless severely matted/pelted and will incur mat/pelt removal costs per consultation @ T&M rate.
  • Repeated severe matting/pelting will result in double fees/expulsion from Happy Cat Spa. Regular grooming will prevent matting & pelting!
  • Please note that a $25 cancellation fee applies to all canceled appointments which must be paid before booking any subsequent appointments.

We look forward to making your cat a Happy Cat!