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Happy Cat Hotel & Spa offers a full range of feline-exclusive grooming services by our Certified Feline Master Groomer, Hillary Lanning. Hillary completing training with the world’s most comprehensive and professional feline grooming program, the National Cat Groomers Institute.

Happy Cat Hotel & Spa is part of a growing, worldwide network providing professional, safe and quality grooming services. All services are anesthesia-free.

Spa sessions can be scheduled with or without room reservations, and cats of all personalities are welcome.

Prices are estimates and exclusive of Connecticut Sales Tax. Additional fees apply for matted coats. Estimates provided at check-in.

Read our FAQ to learn about preventative maintenance and our Spa policies. 

Call (860) 580-6691, email us or make an online reservation.

Standard Groom

Suited for kitties of all shapes, sizes, breeds and personalities. This groom includes a nail trim, bath, blow dry, ear and eye cleaning, thorough comb-out, and a sanitary trim for our long-haired friends.


Appointments every four to eight weeks prevent sharp and in-grown claws, matting, dandruff, excessive shedding and hairballs. Our professionals can help determine the proper grooming routine for your kitty based on breed, coat type, overall health, and personality.


  • Short hair - starts at $65
  • Long hair - starts at $75

Plush Trim

If your kitty is prone to matting, or you just can’t keep up with the fluff but don’t like the shaved (Lion Cut) look, this package is for you! This groom includes our standard groom package, plus a short trim - not shaved - all around.

Various coat lengths as well as tail grooming options are available.


Appointments every eight to 10 weeks will prevent matting, excessive shedding and hairballs. Our professionals can help determine the proper grooming routine for your kitty based on breed, coat type, overall health, and personality.


  • Starts at $100

Lion Cut

Sleek and stylish, the Lion Cut includes our standard groom service, plus a main body shave - 1/16 inch - to the elbow and hock joints on the front and rear legs. Features a moderate mane and option for full tail or shaved tail, in a pom-pom style.

This is a great option for allergy sufferers or cats prone to matting.

Depending on your cats health and personality, a Lion Cut may not be suggested. Lion Cuts may be required in cases of severe matting.


Appointments every 10 to 12 weeks is 100 percent guaranteed to prevent matting, shedding and hairballs. Our professionals can help determine the proper grooming routine for your kitty based on breed, coat type, overall health, and personality.


  • Starts at $120

De-Shedding Treatment

Shed no more! Shedding is the number one complaint among cat owners. Let us help! This service includes standard groom, plus our signature de-shedding treatment, an extra boost of dead undercoat removal.


Appointments every four to six weeks prevent sharp and in-grown claws, matting, dandruff, excessive shedding and hairballs. Should reduce shedding at home by up to 90 percent. Our professionals can help determine the proper grooming routine for your kitty based on breed, coat type, overall health, and personality.


  • $25 addition to any standard groom or plush trim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cats have skin and hair, just like humans and just like our canine friends.

A cat's skin secretes natural oils that they spread throughout their coat by licking. Their skin never stops secreting oils and their coats never stop shedding. Without a proper bath to wash away and blow out the dead coat on a regular basis, it snarls up into small tangles and eventually mats, or worse. Cat coats become sticky with grease, saliva, dander, bacteria, name it, and it must be washed out on a regular basis for optimal skin and coat health.

Some minor knots and tangles are easily removed without adding extra time or labor to kitty’s groom, and therefore will not incur any additional fees, but more severe tangles and mats require more time to remove and sometimes the use of electric clippers. Removal of mats, even when performed as gently as possible, causes discomfort and pain.

Many cats react aggressively to the pain caused by removing mats. Mats pulling close to the skin present a higher risk for nicks/cuts to cats’ skin. No grooming under anesthesia takes place at Happy Cat Spa, so de-matting/shaving on a potentially uncooperative or aggressive cat presents a higher risk to both the cat and groomer.

Matting fees may range anywhere from $20 - $75 on top of the base groom price, depending on severity, time required to correct, and the cat’s tolerance of the removal process. All grooming appointments begin with an in-person consultation and price estimates will be given at that time, before any grooming begins. Matting is 100 percent preventable and Happy Cat Spa has a zero-tolerance policy for repeated matting.

Repeated matting will result in doubled-matting fees or denial of service. Ask our Executive Groomer about setting up a preventative maintenance schedule for your cat to keep grooming pain free for your cat and your wallet!

Unfortunately, we cannot shave out or comb out any mats without treating your cat to a full groom. Mats are clumps of dead hair stuck together by oils and saliva, and combing them out subjects your cat to unnecessary pain and suffering. Shaving without bathing does not fix the root of the matting problem.

The root of the problem is oily skin and dead hair, and only a proper bath with soap and water can wash this away and prevent the problem from happening again. Sometimes, a full shave (Lion Cut) is required in order to provide the least painful groom possible to the cat. The bath will soothe and cleanse the skin and hair follicles that are damaged by matting.

We never sedate cats for grooming and we are proud to be an anesthesia-free facility. Happy Cat Spa groomers are trained to handle cats with the not-so-friendly personalities without the use of anesthesia. Cats displaying aggressive behavior at any point during the grooming process may be subject to a $30 fee and may also be required to wear Soft Paws (nail caps) for our groomer's protection.

In truth, MOST cats are calmed by water, and 90 percent of aggressive cats behavior improves dramatically by coming in for grooming on a regular basis, if allowed the time and patience to create a trusting relationship between cat and groomer.

Let’s not forget...matting makes cats mad! Keeping your cat on a regular schedule to actually prevent matting before it starts will make all grooming a more comfortable and relaxing process for your cat.

Everything at Happy Cat Hotel is specialized for the health and wellness of your feline friend, and this does not stop at our feline-exclusive Spa.

When it comes to feline grooming standards, Happy Cat Spa is the expert at preventative maintenance grooming.In fact, we believe this should be the only kind of grooming. What does this mean? This means your cat will be groomed in such a way that prevents future problems from happening. You know the ones ... mats, knots, sharp claws, ingrown claws, shedding, hairballs, dirty behinds, waxy ears, crusty eyes, dandruff, and allergies, just to name a few.

Every cat has different needs based on their coat, age, and temperament. For example, breeds like Persians, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons, need to be groomed on a monthly basis. Cats like domestic short hairs can be groomed approximately every eight weeks.

Our executive groomers will make recommendations for your cat's preventative maintenance schedule upon consultation.

Yes, absolutely! A proper groom on a regular basis will reduce allergic reactions up to 90 percent. Contrary to popular belief, we are not allergic to the cat itself, but the saliva, and what does your cat do all day? Lick itself.

As a result, you are allergic to the cat and the cat’s environment. A simple wash and dry will wash all of your allergy problems away, and more! We recommend grooming on a monthly basis to control allergic reactions.

The typical groom from start to finish can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours depending on the cat's behavior, coat type and
quality, however many cats need a break during the grooming process, so your cat may stay at the hotel for a couple of hours to allow for a calm and relaxing process.

  • Happy Cat Hotel & Spa requires copies of up-to-date Rabies and Distemper (FVCRP) vaccinations records in advance of the grooming appointment. These records can be emailed to us or faxed to (860) 580-6691. You may not bring these records in on the day of the appointment.
  • A grooming registration is also required to be filled out prior to the appointment date. The grooming registration is available online.
  • For first time appointments, the owner(s) of the cat - not a friend or relative - must drop off the cat in order for the initial consultation to take place.
  • Grooming services are dependent upon the cat's age, health, temperament, and behavior and will be agreed upon between owner and executive groomer prior to groom. Grooming estimates are estimates only and prices may fluctuate depending on matting, behavior, etc, throughout the grooming process.
  • Aggressive cats will not be shaved unless severely matted/pelted and will incur matting fees. Aggressive cats may incur a special handling fee of $30 which may include the application of Soft Paws (nail caps) for our groomer’s protection.
  • Cats that arrive or pick up for grooming more than 15 minutes late will incur a $15 late charge.
  • If you are not able to pick up your cat when the groom is finished, you may rent one of our spacious hotel rooms for $25. Your cat will be supplied with a litter box, water, and cozy bedding, and attention from our Kitty Concierge staff. Cats must be picked up no later than 4:30 p.m., otherwise a full night’s rate will be charged for the room in question. Day rentals must be approved and arranged in advance and may not be available during times of high volume/peak seasons.
  • All cats must travel to, enter, and leave the facility inside a cat carrier, one cat per carrier. There are no exceptions. Leashed cats are not acceptable. If your cat is not inside a cat carrier upon arrival to the facility, your appointment will be canceled and you will be charged in full. Happy Cat Hotel has cat carriers available for sale in our Gift Shop.
  • Cancellation policy - 48 hour advance notice required to cancel or reschedule. If any appointment is canceled or rescheduled with less than 48 hour notice, a 50 percent cancellation charge will apply. No-show appointments will be charged in full.

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