Cat Grooming

The Happy Cat Hotel is proud to offer Professional Cat Grooming at our luxury day spa for cats, Spa de Feline! You’re welcome to schedule a grooming during your cat’s stay at our hotel, or just schedule an appointment for a great spa session during the day!

Once you have made a reservation please scroll down to complete your cat’s one-time spa registration for our groomers. 

Cat Grooming - Windsor, Connecticut

Cat Grooming Services

Cat Spa ServicePrice
Nail Clipping
Note that Nail Clipping is included with any of the services listed below.
Bath & Brush
For our short-haired feline guests. A medicated solution is available for an additional $10.
Bath & Brush
For our long-haired feline guests. A medicated solution is available for an additional $10.
Coat Trim with Bath - Package$85
Full Shave with Bath - Package$85
DemattingPriced per consultation

Cats being groomed at the Happy Cat Hotel are required to have current (within the past 12 months):

  • FVRCP vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Test results for FeLV & FIV are recommended though not required. Vaccinations for FeLV & FIV are never required.

Bathing is highly recommended with any coat trim or shave down service.

Please contact us with questions or to make a spa reservation.

We look forward to making your cat a Happy Cat!

  • NameSexAgeBreedWeight 
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  • Cuts, scrapes, lesions, rashes or irritations? Balding, matted, greasy, dense undercoat, etc? Ticks, fleas, skunk spray? NOTE: We cannot groom a cat that is a carrier of ring worms.
  • Is your cat on any medications, do they have any conditions that we should be aware of while grooming them? Any injuries, recent or otherwise, that we should know about?
  • Please tell us what you are looking to accomplish with your cat's groom. Is this to remove mats, bathe her coat, or is there a particular cut style (Lion cut / Dinosaur cut) or custom look that you would like our groomers to perform? Please detail below.
  • Are you supplying a product from home? (i.e. shampoo, conditioner, ointments, thunder jacket. etc)
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif, png.
    If you have scanned or PDF documentation showing current test results, you can attach those files here. You may also bring them in when you visit. Maximum file size is 5MB.
    By signing below, I acknowledge that I am the owner of the animal described above and that I have been informed of and agree to the following: THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL’S total liability to me/and or any co-owner of the cat(s) under the care, custody, and control of THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL, shall for no reason exceed the fair market value of the cat(s) in question. In consideration of the services rendered to THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL, I/any co-owner waives any and all claims, actions or demands of any nature, foreseen or unforeseen, that I/ he/she may have now, or in the future, against THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL, relating to the care, control, health, and/or safety of the cat(s) in question arising during pick-up, transport, drop-off, and/or stay at THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL. THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL requires both feline rabies and FVRCP vaccinations per CT State Commercial Kennel requirements and reserves the right to refuse intake of my cat for any reason as well as the right to have my cat removed at any point during his/her tenure/stay with them for any reason whatsoever. Under stated circumstance, THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL will place the cat with the emergency contact of my choosing, my preferred veterinarian, or a local veterinarian of their choosing should my preferred veterinarian not be equipped for the boarding of cats, All expenses will be paid for by me either to THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL in the form of reimbursement of transport and vet boarding costs or directly to the veterinarian clinic itself or both. I understand and accept any risk associated in exposing my cat to illness or disease by electing to board him or her in ANY facility including THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL due to the very nature of transmissible diseases themselves, despite any protocol that may be enforced for the purpose of defending against such transmissible diseases. I will hold harmless THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL and its parent company Home Sweet Home Pet Care, LLC should any illness induced by general stress, preexisting conditions, and or any illness or injury that may be the result of my cat’s engagement with staff, and/or the various feline amenities throughout THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL facility including but not limited to, climbing apparatus, standard room furnishings, various room motifs and decorations, windows, doors, glass, shelves, feline engineered toys, food, water, cleaning tools and products, and equipment, and / or any other objects or elements, foreign or otherwise that may result in illness, injury, or death of my cat. I understand that I will incur the costs of any medical treatment due my cat, other feline guests at THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL, as well as staff at THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL, as a result of transmission of any illness or disease that could otherwise have been prevented by me by either vaccinating and/or treating my cat against transmissible parasites.
    In the event that I or my emergency contact and/or preferred veterinarian cannot be reached; I grant THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL full power of decision concerning the care and well being of my cat(s) . Should any medical condition arise, it is agreed that THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL will make any needed decision regarding treatment which may include treatment by THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL’S MOBILE VETERINARIAN of choice, or transport of my cat(s) by THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL staff to the nearest 24hr veterinarian hospital, heretofore identified as NEW ENGLAND VETERINARY CANCER CARE CENTER. I grant THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL, ITS MOBILE VET OF CHOICE, AND/OR NEW ENGLAND VETERINARY CANCER CARE CENTER to treat my cat(s) up to $_______________ on the credit card copy on file or payable to THE HAPPY CAT HOTEL as a reimbursement for any expenses they may incur as a result of an emergency.
  • By typing my full name and date here, I hereby testify that all of the above consents, waivers, releases, and authorizations within them have been determined by me and serve as true and accurate statements by me.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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