Cat Grooming

The Happy Cat Hotel is proud to offer Professional Cat Grooming at our luxury day spa for cats! You’re welcome to schedule a grooming during your cat’s stay at our hotel or simply schedule a standalone kitty spa treatment during the day! Make it a “Spa Day” HERE !

Please scroll down to complete your cat’s FIRST TIME registration. If you have any questions, please call The Happy Cat Spa directly at  844-822-8386 x 1

Cat Grooming - Windsor, Connecticut

Things to Know…

Cats being groomed at the Happy Cat Hotel are required to have current:

  • FVRCP vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Test results for FeLV & FIV are recommended though not required. Vaccinations for FeLV & FIV are never required.

Bathing may be a prerequisite of any dematting, coat trim, or shave down service.

  • Grooming style is dependent upon cat’s age, health, temperament, and behavior and will be agreed upon between owner and executive groomer prior to groom.
  • Aggressive cats will not be shaved unless severely matted/pelted and will incur mat/pelt removal costs per consultation @ T&M rate.
  • Repeated severe matting/pelting will result in double fees/expulsion from Happy Cat Spa. Regular treatment will prevent matting & pelting!

We look forward to making your cat a Happy Cat!

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